Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 is here!

Goodbye, o trustworthy parachute cloak. Flexweave Underlay has finally caught up with the enchanters. It is even +1 more agility!

When I replaced my mechanical zapper with the frag belt enchant, I thought I'd be able to stack up cobalt frag bombs, making one per 6 minutes. Not quite. Its a throw from this belt once every 6 minutes- I can't stock up early. Still cool though.

Beast Mastery- is it going to be worth it now?

I doubt it, but we're getting there. You see, our pets were missing probably about 5% of hits due to the no-expertise thing. But Blizzard said "woops" to that and decided that if we're hit capped, then as ranged damage dealers we shouldn't have to deal with expertise, so our pets can now hit without worrying about the boss jumping out of the way. Good kitty.

So what about Animal Handler? I never saw much use of it (since when I was still raiding BM for the first few weeks of WotLK, i knew nothing about it), I never used it. I later found that that expertise makes it necessary in a BM build. But we don't need the expertise anymore. So they made the talents even more juicy. Check it out. +10% AP (for the pet). Pretty cool, if you ask me. So after little extra thought, here's my (Aimed-Shot included) BM spec.

Edit: Wowhead is still slow on updating their DB, it seems. My links may still be old in some cases

From what I can tell with this, BM will be more PvE-DPS viable. I am not saying it is viable. Just closer. Maybe I'll run into naxx and give it a try when I don't need to be hitting 5-6k dps and see if it is as fun as it used to be (and you know.. the DPS and all that jazz).

As far as my pet, I'll probably end up with a cat, unless I finally find me a spirit beast. I like devilsaurs the most, but my guild hates them. Supposedly they're too big or something. /equipslot 13 tissue. (healing trinket. Onuse: blow your nose and get over it.)

On a more global perspective...
Faction change update? was this accidental? A blue poster mentioned in response to something about changing race in the faction change: "You'll have to select a race within the new faction, and the choices are dependent upon your character class."

So is everyone freaking out here? You get to choose your race based on what races have your class. No taurens will be stuck as gnomes. No anyone will be stuck as blood elves. My guess: either A) this was mentioned a while ago and I'm out of the loop, or B) some blue poster made a booboo and leaked something.

Man, I'm really going to try to post more and get this thing into full swing. More tomorrow.

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