Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3.2 and worgens

Worgen first. Every other hunter on the internets seems to be going nuts over this new pet option (which has already been hotfixed). I haven't seen so much uproar about anything before. I think when they decided to mecha-nerf LnL and SV in general, the Hunter community took that better.

So I need to say: Get over it!

Look, a guild used an exploit to get a boss down, and they all got suspended for 3 days. Thats a total of 75 days out of WoW, split between 25 people.

Some hunter found an exploit in the game and told everyone, and they're hotfixing it to make sure it can't be done again, and making the humanoid worthless for the time being. Just be lucky you didn't get suspended.

~OK. That's out of my system~

I am stoked for 3.2. I just can't figure out why!

Is it the changes to the hunters? Or that engineering is getting some serious love? Maybe that they're making alt-leveling so easy that I may even level up my DK? Or is it just the new instance and raid coming out? So many things!.

Hunter Changes
Ohh man.

Marksmanship changes- virtually nothing. I'm okay with this- I think MM is actually really well balanced right now.
Survival changes- once again, a CD on LnL, but you can black arrow and freeze and snake your targets all at once. Hell, this may even bring back the trap dance. At least this time its 22 seconds and not 30.
BM Changes- making it closer-to-viable?

I'm not excited that traps will only sit for 30 seconds instead of a minute. This makes chain trapping mobs a whole lot harder.

Engineering Changes
I'm not going to list them all, because that would just be too much work. They're listed in numerous other places (like here and here). However, the highlights:

Mailbox every 4 hours instead of 8.
Jeeves, the reusable repairbot. Bank access every hour.
Bullet & Arrow changes: I like them. Cheaper for hunters but still work for engineers. Now I can just carry a stack full of saronite bars and a stack of triggers and make my bullets on the spot. Much more space-efficient.

Porting somewhere in Northrend is sweet. Probably somewhere near Dalaran, but with the occasional meltdown.

New tinkers, changed tinkers, BUFFED tinkers. No more needing to wear goggles for mote finding. This is going to be really helpful.

We can now change from goblin<->gnomish engineering. Finally, I'll get to see what this world enlarger thing does. I just hope I don't lose mechanostrider priveledges when I abandon the gnomes.

Mount Changes
Regular ground mounts at lvl 20, flying mounts at 60, flying through northrend at 68, faster non-epic flying. This will really speed up my leveling of characters. Who knows, maybe I'll even play my DK again. This is awesome.

New Raid, new badge system
I'll run heroics again, and I'm not afraid to say it. I'm really stoked for this new raid, though. Don't know much about it, but new is usually fun. And my guild is probably good enough to at least send 10 in on day one. Because we all know how fun patch days are for raiding.

"My UI is messed up"
"I couldn't find my [this] addon"
"Blah blah blah"
"Okay, its an hour late, but finally pulling!"


Long story short, for an engineering Hunter, this is going to be fun.

Maybe they'll even sweeten the deal by giving us a new pair of uber goggles like they did in BC. But I don't want to ask for too much.

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