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Furrymammoth's (short) Guide to Ulduar: Part 1: The Siege of Ulduar

The Siege of Ulduar

Flame Leviathan

In Flame leviathan, we each have 1 of 5 different roles- siege engine driver, siege engine gunner, demolisher driver, demolisher gunner, and chopper driver.

Tank: There is no tank- the boss is kited by demolishers and siege engines, with the target switched every 30 seconds. If you are kiting, avoid getting hit. If you are not kiting, also avoid getting hit. Or you will be seriously hurt and will probably end up wiping.

Melee: Siege engine drivers. use melee abilities. Save speed boost for kiting. Back up before a target change.
Ranged: Demolisher drivers. Stay pretty far away in case you get kited. Your energy consists of pyrite which is forked in by your gunner- so get close enough to the pyrite on the ground so they can fill you up.

Utility: Gunners-
Siege engine gunners' main goal is to get pyrite on the ground for the demolishers. They also help with shielding the tank if needed (when kiting). If you are currently the machine kiting the boss and you see a tar patch ahead that isn't lit up, light it up with your fire so the boss takes damage.
Demolisher gunners have 2 main goals- keep the demolisher loaded with pyrite, can also get pyrite out of the air. These guys also need to be ready to load themselves into the catapult and be shot by the driver to the Boss, taking out turrets. Then get back to the demolisher with help from choppers. If you are currently the machine kiting the boss and you see a tar patch ahead that isn't lit up, light it up with your fire so the boss takes damage.

Utility: Choppers-
Role 1: Drop tar in the boss' path to slow him down. This can be lit on fire by other players to do damage to any enemies in the tar.
Role 2: transport players from FL to their Demolishers after an overload. Heal them when you can.

I suggest that the demolisher drivers to be launched get marked with some raid mark to make it easier to find them.

Hard-harder mode: up to 4 different towers. If any come with pillars of light of any color, stay out of them. They might follow you, but stay out of them anyway. Or you will die.
Tower of Storms- FL physical damage increased by 25% + some AoE damage to raid for a little bit. Stay out of pillars of light.
Tower of Flames- FL Fire damage increased by 50%. Also will have flames of fire slowly fall from the sky in a clock-wise fashion, starting where FL comes out. Stay far away, and stay out of the fire residue they leave behind.
Tower of Frost- Stay out of pillars of light. If you get frozen, someone needs to break you out with a fire attack.
Tower of Life. Decreases fire damage taken by FL by 10%. Kill adds- the small ones die quickly by making them follow you through a lit up tar patch.


Phase 1:
Split up into teams. I'd suggest one team to north and one to south, on the greyish circle in middle of the area. You can have a couple mobile healers and maybe a mobile ranged DPS or 2 in the center as well to switch-hit.
Kill order: Sentinel->Watcher->Guardian.
Sentinels come occasionally and should be picked up quick and DPSed by everyone. Watch out for whirlwind.

Watch out for blue flames. Dont stand in flames.

Once the 3rd turret is repaired, have one of the ranged DPS in the center run back and shoot all 3 good turrets, then shoot the 4th as soon as it comes up. If there is a sentinel, wait to fire the 4th until it is dead. This pulls down Razorscale, who should be DPSed as quickly as possible. Rinse and repeat until Razor is down to 50%. Dont stand in flames.

Phase 2:
At 50%, Razor will stay down and fight you.
Tanks: face dragon away from raid so they don't get flame breath. back up in a circle around the raid to avoid standing in Devouring Flame. Stay out of flame. Have 2 tanks rotate tanking ability at a time, taunting off each other when the current tank is at 2 stacks of "Fused Armor" (which slows the tank). Clears after 20 seconds.
Raid: Take out remaining adds, then take down the boss. Stay away from flame breath.

Ignis the Furnace Master
Raid: Stand in the middle of the room, right between the pools. Designate a Main tank, a Construct tank, and a backup construct tank. Construct tank should be a DK. Also nominate 2 ranged DPS to be the construct shooters, with one backup.
Main tank: tank in a small 4-corner rotation around the rest of the raid, close enough so they never have to move but far enough so the boss doesn't drop Scorch on the raid. Face boss away from raid. Move to next point when Scorch is dropped.
Construct tank: grab constructs when they are activated and hold them in a scorch for 10 seconds, making them molten, then quickly pull them over to one of the water pools, making them brittle. Chance to crit on the construct is increased by 50%. Any shot that deals over 5000 damage will kill them.
Construct Shooters: Watch pools for constructs to go brittle in pools, then shoot them down. Then, return to the boss.
Healers Be sure to keep whoever is in the slag pot alive along with the tanks.

If a construct shooter or the construct tank is put in the boss's slag pot, their backup should take care of the responsibilities until they are out. Communication is key, here. You don't want constructs running free.
Other than tanks, Raid should stay out of fire. (or the Scorch)

XT-002 Deconstructor
Raid: Look out for gravity bomb and Light bomb- ranged, stay at least 15 yd away from each other. Split DPS up evenly between the 4 corners of the room for the "heart phases," in which adds need to be taken care of. Don't be afraid to bandage, potion, or healthstone if you get low in health during a tympanic tantrum.
Main Phase:
Main Tank: Tank boss in center of room.
Off Tanks: Hold Pummelers that come from the corners of the room.
Ranged: stay 15 yards apart and you should be fine from bombs.
Melee: if you have a bomb, immediately run out. We usually suggest keeping an open area near the stairs open for melee to run. Be far away enough from the rest of the melee so they don't get hit.
Healers: Spread out so everyone can be healed properly. Be ready to heal everyone during tympanic tantrums.

Heart phase
DPS- Before adds come out, attack the heart- extra damage to boss.
Pummelers: Off-tanks should watch for Pummelers (XM-024 Pummeler), and hold them for the fight.
DPS: Take out all scrapbots before they get to boss, or they will heal the boss. If it is timed right, kill a bomb bot on top of a group of scrapbots, thereby blowing up all scrapbots. Don't bear near an exploding bomb bot.
Bomb bots either need to be looked out for when blowing up near boss (as they will also severely hurt melee nearby), or killed before they get to the boss. Figure this out before the raid.

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