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Furrymammoth's (short) Guide to Ulduar- part Three: Mimiron and Hodir

The Keepers of Ulduar (2 of the 4
This is a 4-phase fight.

Phase 1: Leviathan MKII
Ranged/Healers: spread out using about 1/3 of the room. Make sure healers can reach everyone. Stand at least 18 yards away from the boss (because of Shock Blast.) The MKII will occasionally shoot out a Napalm Shell that does about 10k fire damage on the spot plus another 6k fire damage/sec for 8 seconds. This hits everyone within a 5-yard radius. So be at least 6 yards away from anyone else. If you get hit by one, the flame graphic is only graphical. No reason to move out of the flame if it has already hit you.
Tanks/Melee DPS: Look out for shock blast (if you have good spell detail, you'll see lightning coming out during cast. There will be a cast timer), which does 100,000 damage to everyone in 15 yards. 5 second cast, so GTFO. BUT watch out for mines, right behind you the MKII will drop a little circle of mines that explode for about 20k damage each.
Tanks, continued: Plasma Blast hits the tank for 30k damage (17k in regular) PER SECOND for 6 seconds, ever 45 seconds or so. Be ready with some healer/tank trick (shield wall, Guardian Spirit, something). If you need multiple tanks to handle this, plan for it.

Other than getting away from things that'll kill you, its effectively a tank and spank- pretty easy once you see it once or twice. Take him down until he's low and he'll disappear. You'll have some in-combat down time before phase 2 starts.

Phase 2: VX-001 (Personal Assault Cannon)
No threat- So kill it fast.

He will occasionally cast heat wave- 10k fire damage then another 2k/s for 5 seconds to the whole raid. The other main source of normal damage is Rapid burst, shooting in a "frontal cone" that goes to the back edge of the room. If you are on the edge of this, step out. But it needs to get healed through.

Avoidable Damage (must be avoided or you'll die):
1) Rocket Strike: targets a place where a player is standing and will hit for 5 million damage (about 3 yard radius). Area has a red circle highlighted. Step out if you see the circle.
2) Spinning Up. The Cannon takes some time to aim then will begin Laser Barrage, killing everyone it hits. It starts where it is facing and then spins clockwise for just over 1/3 of the room. Either run to the right of the aim spot or be ready to continue running left. Either way, reconvene afterward so that everyone can be healed properly.

Melee, its a good idea to always stay behind the rocket.

Phase 3: Aerial Command Unit
Have loot of free for all.
I've seen warriors tank it and I've tanked it as a hunter. If a ranged tanks it, healers need to be ready to heal him more than a tank would. He's in the air though. He shoots plasma balls that do about 10k damage to whoever is tanking it.
Assign some ranged (with slowing spells) to take out bomb bots that explode if they reach a target. Explodes for about 25k (25 or 10 man). Take them out. In 25-man, they have 50k hp, and they have 20k in 10-man.
Tank assault bots and other trash. Priority is to kill assault bots. They will drop a Magnetic Core when killed, which can be picked up then dropped below the ACU to bring it down and be taken out.

Phase 4: V-07-TR-0N
3 separately-targetable parts, a combo of the first 3 phases. The tank is on bottom, the ACU on top, and the cannon in the middle. The tank and ACU need to be tanked, and they all need to be killed within 10 seconds of each other. Set up DPS in a way where that can happen (I've seen split DPS evenly and take tank and ACU out most of the way then switch all DPS to the Cannon, then switch back in a mannor such that they'll all die at the same time.
The tank still has proximity mines and shock blast, but loses plasma blast and napalm shell.
The cannon still has Rocket strike and laser barrage (spinning up), and occasionally does about 5k damage to the whole raid.
The ACU still has its Plasma Ball which hits whoever is tanking it.


This is kind of like the alextraza fight in Nexus- you need to keep moving or damage will stack up on you. So jump between each cast (or 2). Don't let this stack up.
There are 2 types of ice that fall from the sky. One drops in a circle about 5 yards wide. Avoid these always. The other is about 10-15 yards wide. When you see these (plus hear the emote "Winds of the North Consume You"), stand near them until they fall and form a pile of snow. Flash freeze will be cast and everyone not on the snow pile will be stuck in ice and will either need to be DPS'd out or will die. Don't let this happen.

Hodir also randomly casts freeze, which is like a frost nova effect. It can be dispelled, blinked, EMFH'd, whatever'd. Mass-dispel is nice.

There are 3 types of buffs that come from the friendly NPCs. You should start by breaking them all out of their flash freezes, and mark the gnomes (mages). After the first pull only break them out and they will break out the rest of the NPCs. Have some ranged constantly stand by the gnomes to get their "singed" buff from the toasty fires they lay down. If someone has a bunch of sparks coming from them that means the shaman buffed them and they should get in a group. The beams of light from the sky are also good. These are all buffs that should be used as much as possible.

Hodir sometimes casts "frozen blows" doing some AOE to the raid as well as extra damage to the tank.

Pretty much- stay out of bad stuff, in good stuff, and keep moving.

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