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Furrymammoth's (short) Guide to Ulduar: Part 2: The Antechamber

The Antechamber of Ulduar

The Assembly of Iron
There are 3 bosses. Once the first goes down, the other two each get a 25% damage buff. After the second dies, the buff on the remaining one goes from 25% to 50%. I suggest kill order:
Steelbreaker -> Runemaster Molgeim -> Stormcaller Brundir.
You need 1 tank each. Try to stay at least 30 yards away from Brundir until you start fighting him (other than the tank holding him, of course). Take down one at a time, as the remaining bosses get healed to full when one of the other's die.

2 circles on ground:
Blue- "Rune of Power" gives everyone a BIG damage increase. Meaning- if you can stand on it and attack the target, do so. But be positive that the bosses are not standing on it. That is damage that cannot be healed through.
Green- "Rune of Death." Get out of this. You will die. I'm not kidding.

When on steelbreaker, tanks & healers should be ready for fusion punch. This does about 20k/35k (normal/heroic) nature damage to the tank, plus adds a debuff that does another 15k/20k per second on the tank, for 4 seconds. This debuff is MAGIC and should be removed ASAP. Keep the boss out of the Runes of Power. Does some minor raid-wide AoE (1.5k-2k nature damage/sec) Otherwise, tank and spank.

If he is not the first boss killed, he will begin to cast Static disruption on random raid members, which does damage to them and everyone within 6 yards of them (so stay at least 6 yards away from everyone else).

If he is the last one up, he kills a tank every 60 seconds in normal, or 30 seconds in heroic. Once "Overwhelming power" is cast on the tank, the boss should be taken by someone else and the tank with that debuff should run at least 15 yards away from everyone. Plus, whenever someone dies, Steelbreaker gets a 25% damage buff and heals himself for 20% of his health (reducible by healing-reducing spells like Aimed Shot).

Runemaster Molgeim
If he is not the first boss killed, he casts rune of death occasionally. It is big, green, and all members of the group should stay out of it.

If this is the last boss alive, he summons adds that explode in a 30 yard radius from spawn point. a big amount of raid damage. Try to stay spread out, and be ready to heal those that take it.

Stormcaller Brundir
Chain Lightning. When in range, stay spread out at least 10 yd away from everyone else, if possible. Can be interrupted.
Overload- 6 second channel, does a ton of nature damage to everyone within 20 yards. All players must run at least 20 yards away during the channel. Cannot be interupted.

If he is not the first boss killed, he will start a lightning whirl, which needs to be interrupted asap as it spits out bolts of lightning every second, doing damage to everyone it hits.

If he is the last one up, he cannot be stunned. He also occasionally lifts up into the air and zaps anyone (including pets!) near being under him. He changes targets randomly. Kite and stay away. A tank should get ready to pick him up as soon as he begins to come down from this. Aggro is reset, so the tank needs to start from scratch again.

Kologarn has three targetable parts- his body, his left arm, and his right arm. The body needs to be tanked, the other two do not. However, there are adds that also need to be tanked.

Watch out for: Eye beams. If you see two beams appear next to you, start running and they will follow behind. Do not run through the raid- you'll kill everyone. But run so you don't die. This is imperative.
Left Hand casts Shockwave occasionally (Kologarn yells "Oblivion!"), and does raid-wide big damage. Heal it up.
Right hand will pull up 3 players, doing big DPS to those three . They cannot cast spells so heals need to be done on them and if they are healers their assignments need to be covered. They are broken out after 450k (heroic) damage is taken to the hand (150k in normal). If they aren't broken free after 8 seconds, they die anyway.

All DPS should be on the right arm when it is up!

Kill order:
Ranged: Right arm->rubble adds->Kologarn body
Melee: Right arm-> Kologarn body

Right before the right arm dies, melee should move away and offtank(s) should get ready to hold rubble adds. They explode when they die, so try not to take them all out at the same time. Actually, make it happen, don't just "try."

Kologarn's body takes a massive hit of his damage when his arm dies. This is how you take him out. When the right arm respawns, go back to it.


When a Feral Defender dies, a large black circle on the ground drops. Stay out of the circle

The raid should always stay very close together and always behind the tank (the tank should be between the boss and the entire party), because of Sonic screech which does a huge amount of damage in a frontal cone, but is split up by everyone in its path. Everyone needs to share this damage. After fear, interrupt the her Sentinel Blast.

The pull is the hardest part:

Pull: should be done by a DK tank's death and decay or a hunter's snake trap + shaman's totems. During this pull, everyone should be hiding behind a wall so that the sanctum sentries (4 in heroic, 2 in normal) do not pounce (this will kill the target). Kill these adds 1-by-1. Keep them fairly separated. A sentry gets a 50% damage buff from each other sentry within 20 yards of it.

Kill order:
Sanctum Sentry -> Swarming Guardians -> Feral Defender (first 2-3 times) -> Auriaya.

In other words:
Medium cats -> Small cats (AoE) -> Big cat -> Crazy cat lady.

A little AoE will kill swarming guardians. Every time the Feral defender comes up, it is less powerful than the time before it. Take it out at least twice. When it dies, it leaves a large black circle of death (Seeping Feral Essence). The boss should be kited to the next circular zone in the room. The rest of the raid needs to stay behind the tank at all times during this move. Always keep an eye on exactly where "behind the tank" is, as the boss shifts around from time to time.

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