Sunday, April 5, 2009

When Macros Help and When They Hurt

Here's all the macros I have, which I use on a regular basis:

One-button aspects, with full control

This one is a fantastic Aspect macro which puts all your aspects onto one button (make the icon the question mark, the first choice, and it will show whichever you'll use). Post this one with no return/new lines, just paste as one line:

/use [mod:alt,mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Wild; [mod:ctrl,mod:shift] Aspect of the Cheetah; [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Viper; [mod:shift] Aspect of the Pack; [mod:alt] Aspect of the Beast; [mod:alt,mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Wild; Aspect of the DragonHawk

hold nothing, click to get dragonhawk
ctrl- viper
shift- pack
alt- beast
alt+ctrl- wild
shift+ctrl- cheetah


This one is awesome for MDs- i'm going to explain focus first.

A focus target is one you choose to mess with macros. You choose a target (in this case, your main tank), and type /focus . You can also right click on their portrait and choose "set focus".

/cast [nomodifier, target=focus, exists] misdirection
/cast [nomodifier, target=pet, exists] misdirection
/cast [modifier:shift, target=pet] misdirection
/cast [modifier:ctrl, target=othertank] misdirection

if you have a focus target, Misdirects to your focus.
if you don't have a focus target, MDs to your pet.
Hold shift when you have a focus, and it MDs to your pet.
Hold ctrl when you have a focus (or not), and it MDs to whoever's name you put in here

Master's Call

This one is for Master's Call-

/cast [nomodifier, target=healer1] Master's Call
/cast [modifier:ctrl, target=healer2] Master's Call
/cast [modifier:shift, target=player] Master's Call
/cast [modifier:alt, target=healer3] Master's Call

Translation- cast the Call on whoever you have put in the various spots, based on what you are pressing in this case, pressing nothing causes Master's Call to go to healer1, ctrl sends to healer2, alt sends to healer3, and shift sends to the hunter casting ("player"). of course, replace the healer1, healer2, and healer3 with people's names in your group. (Great for arenas!)

Assist Macro

When I have a focus, it targets the target of my focus. If not, it targets the my pets target. During raids/instances, I always have focus set on the Main Tank.

/assist [target=pet]
/assist [target=focus, exists]

(I have this set to my 1 hotkey, by the way. Easy way to get on the right mob when there's a bad pull, or whenever there's more than 1 target).

simple pet helpers

/cast carrion feeder

This is simple, but as I'm sure you noticed, you can't put your pet's skills on your cast bars, and the pet is only limited to 4 on her's. However, you can write a macro with the name of the pet's ability to use it, and put that macro on your cast bar. It works with anything. Dash, Taunt, whatever.


During raids, I usually replace all my hotkey'd melee attacks with additional assist macros that each have the name of a tank (in order same as tank list), so that I can easily go from skull, to x, to whatever without having to move my mouse or anything. I also have some extra misdirect macros which i use when there's more necessary.

When NOT to use macros:

I do not use any macros to cast spells/shots. I have all my shots and stings and whatnot somewhere in my cast bars, in a place that I know, so that I can have full control. In WotLK there is almost never a time to be just sitting there DPSing. Sometimes you need to run around to a certain area, sometimes you need to get adds, sometimes you need to kite (I hate you, Gluth!). But you should always at least be casting that Misdirection.

For some of you, macro'd shot rotations may work, but I found that the less you rely on that and the more you rely on yourself, the better you get. Its also more fun that way- its a bigger challenge.


Are there any macros I missed that every hunter should have? Let me know!

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