Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why we waste our time with Misdirects

Why waste 1.5 sec (A global cooldown) on your MD? It definitely isn't helping your DPS at all.

But its helping the overall DPS of the raid.

Lets say the tank is holding aggro in a way where no DPS are anywhere near him. Either your tank is great or your DPS is garbage. In these cases, go all out and DPS.

But one reason a raid would want a Hunter over any other DPS class is the Misdirection. This isn't for just pulling. Your next three shots' threat go to the target of your misdirection. That means that everyone gets about three more shots of their own before they pass threat of the tank. Yeah, hunters are lucky because we can play the Aspect of the 'Possum every 25-30 seconds, but not everyone is so lucky.

Your DPS in a raid is important because it adds to the overall DPS of the raid. But things like Misdirection add so much more because that gives DPS to the whole raid, not just you.

Rogues, same story with your Tricks of the Trade. Now, I'm no rogue, but from what it seems, this has a similar effect.

A simple macro. This will require you to set your focus target on the person you're casting the MD on first. If you don't want to, you can change the macro every time based on who it needs to go to:

/cast [target=focus] Misdirection
/cast [target=focus] Tricks of the Trade

I can only have one focus at once, so i usually set tok to focus, and have a second MD macro for someone else:

/cast [target=OtherTank] Misdirection

fun stuff. If you want a more spiffed up version of this, or want to see my other macros, check out my post on those.

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